1. Setting System

Access to Theme Setting -> API Configure -> Bokun
  • Bokun URL: Enter Bokun URL
  • Access Key: Enter the access key
  • Secret Key: Enter the secret key
  • BokunSearch Result Page: Select page to show search result for Bokun
  • Bokun Single Page: Select page for single Bokun
  • Bokun checkout Page: Select page for checkout
  • Bokun successfully booking page: Select page for successful booking
  • Radius of search: Distance from location to experience (km)
  • Autofill User Data: Turn on/off get user data
  • Currency Name: Select the Currency name you want
  • Currency Symbol: Enter currency symbol
  • Currency Position: Control the position of currency symbol
  • Thousand Separator: Specifies what string to use for thousand separator
  • Decimal Separator: Specifies what string to use for decimal point
  • Currency decimal: Set the number of decimal point.
Note: If you use a test account, you need to select the same currency name as the default currency you installed on the Bokun when you set the price for the experience.

2. Setting Page

(1) There are 4 pages to setup Bokun:

Search result page
Single page
Checkout page
Booking success page
Bokun Search Result Page

(2) Select Pages -> Add New

Choose Template and set features image

(3) Select Element for pages

  • ST Bokun Sidebar Form Search and ST Bokun Search result Settings for Bokun Result Page
  • ST Bokun Single Experience for Bokun Single Page
  • ST Bokun Checkout for Checkout Page
  • ST Bokun Booking Success for Booking Success Page
Note: When you have done setup the page, please do not forget access to Setting -> Permalink -> Save change to let Traveler Bokun working well.

(4) In The Home Page, setup the search form for Bokun

  • Search Form Type: choose Mix service
  • Title Tab: Enter title
  • Service: Choose Bokun
  • Save setting.

(5) After successfully setup. The search form with Traveler Bokun will be like this

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