Traveler Bokun

Traveler Bokun – The new addon that can used for Traveler . It integrates to help Tour Operators grow their business.

For Tour Operators:

  • Manage all product content in one place: Text, photos & videos, map locations, categorization, etc. Translate to any language, and push changes instantly to channels and partners.

  • Manage multiple rates, currencies and offers across different channels using Bokun’s flexible pricing features.

  • Manage your resources and inventory and publish real-time availability. Create combo products by combining your products with partner products. Easily add optional add-ons to upsell and allow travelers to customize your products.

  • Many other functions

For Customers:

  • Layout of Traveler Bokun have been built and base on “modern layout” of Traveler Theme. A friendly interface that helps customers to have good experience when booking the tour.

  • The booking information will be sent to customer’s email that entered in checkout.

Service Fee: The service fee is calculated as 2.9% of your total online booking value for the month. Bokun won’t charge for cancelled and refunded bookings.

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