This section requires user to setup some information for the tour

Tour Type

Select one type for this tour
  • Daily Tour: Available everyday
  • Special Date Tour: Setup the available date.


Setup tour duration (nights & days)

Minimum days to book before departure

Hover the mouse to the number of days require to book before arrival
Leave it as "0" if you do not setup this require.

Allow external booking

You can setup On/Off this option

Min and Max of people

Enter the minimum and maximum number of people require for this booking. If you have not setup those option, the system auto display the require minimum number for this tour is 0.

Tour Included/ Excluded/ Highlight

You are now required to fill in the button list of Included and Excluded things in your tour which can easy for customer to check on the detail information.
There are two more options we provide which allow user to setup are Tour Program and Tour FAQ.

Last modified 1yr ago