Traveler Bokun
Traveler Bokun – The new addon that can be used for Traveler. It integrates to help Tour Operators grow their business.
This plugin works only with WPBakery layout
For Tour Operators:
  • Manage all product content in one place: Text, photos & videos, map locations, categorization, etc. Translate to any language, and push changes instantly to channels and partners.
  • Manage multiple rates, currencies, and offers across different channels using Bokun’s flexible pricing features.
  • Manage your resources and inventory and publish real-time availability. Create combo products by combining your products with partner products. Easily add optional add-ons to upsell and allow travelers to customize your products.
For Customers:
  • Layout of Traveler Bokun has been built and based on the “modern layout” of Traveler Theme. A friendly interface that helps customers to have a good experience when booking the tour.
  • The booking information will be sent to the customer’s email that is entered in checkout.
  • The payment is only "Pay At Arrival"
Service Fee: The service fee is calculated as 2.9% of your total online booking value for the month. Bokun won’t charge for canceled and refunded bookings.
More information

1. Installation

Step 1: When you have purchased this Add-on, extract this and you will see these files folder
Step 2: Click on “Upload Plugin” in the dashboard and upload file
Step 3: Activate the plugin

2. Bokun Elements

2.1. Page

Pages to setup for Bokun: Search result page, single page, checkout page, booking success page
Select Pages -> Add New then Choose Template and set features image
Bokun Search Result
Bokun Search Result
Select Element for pages
  • ST Bokun Sidebar Form Search and ST Bokun Search result Settings for Bokun Result Page
  • ST Bokun Single Experience for Bokun Single Page
  • ST Bokun Checkout for Checkout Page
  • ST Bokun Booking Success for Booking Success Page

2.2. Search Form

In The Home Page, setup the search form for Bokun
  • Search Form Type: choose Mix service
  • Title Tab: Enter title
  • Service: Choose Bokun
  • Save setting.
After successful setup. The search form with Traveler Bokun will be like this

3. Setting

Access to Theme Setting -> API Configure -> Bokun
  • Bokun URL: Enter Bokun URL
  • Access Key: Enter the access key
  • Secret Key: Enter the secret key
  • BokunSearch Result Page: Select the page to show search results for Bokun
  • Bokun Single Page: Select page for single Bokun
  • Bokun checkout Page: Select the page for checkout
  • Bokun successfully booking page: Select page for successful booking
  • Radius of search: Distance from location to experience (km)
  • Autofill User Data: Turn on/off to get user data
  • Currency Name: Select the Currency name you want
  • Currency Symbol: Enter the currency symbol
  • Currency Position: Control the position of the currency symbol
  • Thousand Separator: Specifies what string to use for the thousand separator
  • Decimal Seperator: Specifies what string to use for decimal point
  • Currency decimal: Set the number of the decimal point.
  • If you use a test account, you need to select the same currency name as the default currency you installed on the Bokun when you set the price for the experience.
  • When you have done setup the page, please do not forget access to Setting -> Permalink -> Reclick Save change to let Traveler Bokun work well.

4. Video Tutorial

How to create a new Activity on Bokun
How to set up Bokun Pages
How to make a tour booking with Traveler Bokun
How to create checkout form on Bokun
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2.1. Page
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