Partner Dashboard

Our Traveler Theme allows Partners to control information like an administrator and do not have any option to limit their permissions.
Partner Dashboard in Traveler Theme

1) Dashboard

This section will calculate all the service statistics (Hotel, Car, Tour, Activity, Rental, Car Transfer statistic)

  • Earning this month: Total amount of owner

  • Current balance: Actual balance of owner. Owner can make payout with this balance.

  • Net earning: Total amount of owner after subtract all the fees (as commission,..) for admin.

Note: Net Earning is only count for Online Payment Booking, not count for other payment methods as bank transfer and pay by cash.

2) Setting

Personal Information Setting

Please fill in all the require fields to setup your account

3) Booking History

List of Partner's Booking

This "Booking History" will display all of booking which made from Partner.

4) Wishlist

You can setup Wishlist for each product you want

5) Inbox Notification

You got a notification in this section when have message from customer sent to you. Please check on this and contact to customers.

6) Hotel, Tour, Activity, Car, Rental

Those following section allow you to manual create and setup your own service. You access to each service which you want to serve and create new product

Hotel -> Add New

Note: You need to manual create and fill in all option step by step before click on "continue" button.

Partner can check all of booking list which come from customers who booked their service by access this service (Hotel, Tour, Car,..) -> Hotel/ Tour/ Car Booking

Tour Booking

How to create a service from Partner Dashboard