1. Create New Attributes

  • Enter the Name of service attributes
  • Enter the Slug of service attributes
  • Choose the Post Types of service attributes
  • When completed, click Add New Attribute

2. Create New Term

In WordPress, each attribute is a taxonomy. To create new terms inside, just navigate to that attributes and create
For example, we create Food & Nightlife, Ourdoors, Sightseeing Tours and Workshops inside Activity Types
Name: The name is how it appears on your site.
Slug: The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.
Icon: you can choose icon from 2 library Icon or Icon New

2.1. Attribute To Service

Once all term is created, you can assign service into your specific term. That terms can be use to search filter
This term is also appear in the some layout of single service page

2.2. Attribute As Search Filter

That term can appear in Search Page as search filter by edit Search Page.
For example, Activity Search Page > Activity Search Results Settings > Filter
The Search Result Page