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    Theme Options: The configuration setting of the theme that helps you control and manage your system fully to optimize your website performance.
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    Reports: Our theme provides a wide selection of report that keeps you informed about everything about your sale which is filtered by service.
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    Extensions: All the plugins and extensions of WordPress are compatible with our theme Product
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    Registration: Do you want to register your product? let’s enter your code there Theme
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    Notifications: The notification of our theme is up-to-date right here
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    Support: You can submit ticket support, read the documentation of the product, watch video tutorials or join community forums in
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    Change Log: The record of all changes made to our theme
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    Quick Install Demo: Import your demo content and widget with one click
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    System Status: The visibility of all information and status of an entire system that needs to run the program perfectly
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    Member Packages: Your customer can join the membership program to earn the commission on your website
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    Attributes: You are able to create a new custom attribute of any service that you want.
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    Upgrade Data
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    Sync Availability
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    Sync Price
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    ST Form Builder: The Form Builder for making a new checkout form by yourself