• All Location: List all location that is displayed on your homepage and search result page
  • Add Location: Add a new location all around the world

1. Add New Location

1. Location Description

It's location content that shows in the location pages, under the header
  • Build with WPBakery
The key is the WPBakery element – ST Tab Service Location
Code Sample: TXT file
  • Build with Elementor
The key is Elementor element – List Item Service
Please use Traveler Library Plugin to insert the sample content of the location page. Otherwise, you can import JSON file

2. Location Setting

  • Select the Country where the location is in
  • Input the Zipcode where the location is added
  • Set Location on map to track down on Google Map
Latitude: Enter the latitude of this location
Longitude: Enter the latitude of this location
Zoom Level: Enter the level of zoom
Map Style: Keep it blank

3. On the Page Attributes

Select Parent to set this location where they belong to. Those locations will appear as tree-structure in the search form
Set the Featured Image which is the thumbnail of location