Manual Translation
All of our WordPress themes are ready to be translated, so you can easily make them work in any language. Here are some steps to follow:
  • Navigate to Settings -> General -> Site language, and choose your language.
  • Go to the folder of the theme (wp-content/themes//) and in the folder languages/ of theme you will find traveler.po and file. These are default language files that you can change to fit your language.
  • Rename traveler.po and as language corresponding with your website ( For example, German language, rename them as de_De.po/ )
  • Change some information to activate language file, please look at this image
  • Load this file (as the catalog) into the PoEdit and start translating. When you're done, save the.po file in the translations folder. For example, there are already en EN.po and en files in that folder. The .mo file will be automatically created next to the .po file.

How To Update language file (.po) to get full available word to translate

  • In the Poedit application, go to Catalog > Properties at the menu section.
  • Add more translation keyword method – esc_html__
  • Choose the language folder path where you put the two files for the theme.
  • Click on Update to get full words.
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