Google Map

Dear Customers,

Please take note that Google Map API key is not free supported anymore. Please refer our link of document bellow to purchase new key and config this to let Theme work normal:

How To Get Google API Key

Register your application for Google Maps

Step 1

Create a new Project for register

Step 2

Click on "Agree and continue" button

Step 3

Wait for Enabling API, you will redirect to Credentials Page

Step 4

After created, you can copy the API Key

Step 5

Then, click on "API Manager" to check the Google Places API Web Service

Step 6

Last, you can click on "Google Places API Web Service" and check it

You are now can input your Google Map API Key in Theme Setting -> Other Option -> Google API Key to complete process.

Kindly be noted:

You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project

Don’t forget enabling Geocoding API as well as Maps Javascript API to the project in Google Cloud Console and add Geocoding API to API key restrictions as well.

For more information on authentication and Google Maps JavaScript API services please see:

Learn more at