Question about service
1, Although I have just added a new hotel it didn’t appear on my website. How to fix that?
2, On my website, the hotel price is incorrectly displayed. How can you solve that?
3, The price hotel always shows the average hotel price on my website. Can it be changed?
4, I set up the average hotel pricing manually but it does not display as intended on the hotel page. How to fix that?
5, I want to categorize the many types of item services on my homepage, for instance, a featured tour instead of the others. How to fix that?
6, I want to add custom code CSS to my website. How can I do that?
7, I want to deregister the purchase code. How can I do that?
8, I want to add the icon to service attributes. Can I do that?
9, I select the language on tour or activity service but the language of the website doesn’t change anything.
10, The review doesn’t show up. How to fix that?
11, I want to create a review criteria similar to a website demo. Can I do that?
12, I want to adjust the age restriction on tour/activity service. How can I do that?
13, I want to change the banner on the partner page. How to do it?
14, I uploaded the hotel logo but it didn’t display on my website. How to fix that?
15, Logo is too big for mobile. How to fix that?
16, I want to use woocommerce as a payment method but they are not working. How to fix that?
17, I decide to use the Woocommerce checkout, yet the form data is displayed twice. . How to fix that?
18, When I set up Woocommerce as a payment method, the user is redirected to the homepage after checking out. How to fix that?
19, I can not find the payment setting of Woocommerce on Theme Settings. Where to find it?
20, I was going to make a reservation on my website but the Dashboard's Booking History section didn't contain my purchase. What happened?
21, I reserved a car transfer, however, the automobile's information was not shown. May I see it?
22, Connection lost when posting
23, Custom search form for Tour Agency demo only
24, How can I edit the website’s layout in the Modern Layout Version?
25, How to upgrade data properly?
26, Install WooCommerce Got Critical Error
27, Where to download Js_composer plugin ?
28, There is no service information shown on the search result page. How to solve that?
29, How can I translate the text?
30, What is submitting a form? How can I use the Bank Transfer function? (Payment Method needs to add to doc)
31, How to Fix the "Cart is Empty" Issue on Woocommerce when using WP Rocket?
32, Why I Cannot Save Theme Setting?
33. Why does the room not display on hotel?
34. How To Create Hotel Room From Partner Dashboard?
35. How To Disable WordPress Bar?
36. After installing the Elementor Demo, the front end of the website looks really messed up. How to fix that?
37. I installed WPBakery Page Builder but it was not showing to edit the page. What happened?
38. How to change currency symbol?
39. I used an email template and put in a shortcode email but it did not work.
40. How to change font in Wordpress
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