Booking Options
We have 2 booking options are Instant booking & Inquiry Booking, you can activate one of them or both to use in Traveler Theme.

1. Inquiry Form

From version 2.8.4, we have update function which allow customer to build Inquiry Form by Contact Form 7. Please follow our steps guide here for more detail:
  • Step 1: Access to Admin dashboard > Contact > Contact form, and create an Inquiry Form
Short-code for form:
[text name_st id:name_st placeholder “Name “] [email* email_st id:email_st class:email_st placeholder “Mail*”] [tel* tel_st id:tel_st class:tel_st placeholder “Phone*”] [textarea content_st id:content_st class:content_st placeholder “Note”] [st_type_services type_services][custom_title title_service][st_mail_partner mail_partner] <p class=”text-center”>[submit class:btn class:btn-primary class:btn-green class:upper class:font-small “SENT”]</p>
  • Step 2: Setup Mail
Short-code for Message Body:
Name: [name_st] Mail: [email_st] Phone: [tel_st] Name Service: [title_service] Type Service: [type_services]
Message Body: [content_st]
Short-code for Additional Header:
Cc: [mail_partner] Reply-To: [email_st]
  • Step 3: Access to Theme Settings > Advance Options > Inquiry Short-code Contact Form 7 , and add the short-code

2. Instant Booking

This booking option allow customers to directly check the availability of product then make a booking process and finish the payment (link live).
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